Haye-Bellew row over sore toe

David Haye has insisted that he isn't angered by Tony Bellew's jibes about the injury he sustained in defeat to Wladimir Klitschko.

Haye removed his boot after being out-pointed in 2011 in pursuit of Klitschko's world heavyweight championships, revealing a toe injury which has frequently been mocked by his upcoming Sky Sports Box Office opponent, Bellew.

Bellew exclusively told Sky Sports before filming a must-watch The Gloves Are Off: "'Sore toe' is his favourite thing to say, isn't it? If you can lose a fight and blame your little toe afterwards then you've got a serious, serious problem."

Haye was unmoved, responding later: "He can bring it up if he wants, it doesn't bother me. He can replay the interview after the fight on loop as he sleeps."

Bellew had previously teased that Haye has no "true friends", and that his trainer Shane McGuigan is "in awe" of the former heavyweight champion. McGuigan bit back, suggesting Bellew "might run" in the early rounds to avoid the dangerous Haye.