Joshua: I can become a legend by beating Klitschko

IBF world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is already dreaming of the greatness that would be thrust upon him if he defeats Wladimir Klitschko on April 29.

The two boxers squared off in their first press conference at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday, with Joshua projecting an air of confidence throughout.

"To knock him out would be the cherry on the cake, but to win whichever way, I think it's very possible," said the 27-year-old.

"This is a fight that can change (me) from champion to legend overnight.

"It's the fight that will get the masses out and draw massive attention and they're the type of fights that can change the way that people view you in your industry.

"Right now, I am IBF champion of the world but now it's about me beating the right people to go down in history.

"But it's not about doing it once, it's doing it over and over again.

"This is the start of that legendary campaign."

Klitschko, meanwhile, admitted he was "obsessed" with the idea of reclaiming the belts he lost in a shock defeat to Tyson Fury a year ago.

The Ukranian outlined a five-point plan for regaining all his lost glory.

"I will describe in five steps my dream and how I feel. It's like in the same way a boxer cannot punch with one finger, even with two he is not strong enough, so we have five steps and if I put these five steps together that makes a fist that can punch through anything in life," he said.  

"So, in the first step, my goal and target is to become a three-time world champion. I have been holding myself back for a year and half, which was the first time in my entire 26-year career and I look forward to being back in the ring, like I said to become a three-time world champion.

"The second step, the consequences. What is going to happen if Anthony will win this fight? I will congratulate you, Anthony. When I will win this fight, I will help you to come back. 

"In the third step, obviously I am going to need somebody that is going to help me get into the perfect shape, so we'll have sparring partners. My direct competitors, they want to knock me out in the ring and during sparring session. 

"We're probably going to look for the same guys because, we're the same size, same arm length, all the same, different colours, but the rest is the same. Those sparring partners will help me get into better shape. 

"In the fourth step, I imagine standing in the middle of this stadium, holding those belts in my hands to all the fans. I have a dream to hold those belts in my hands. 

"And the fifth and final step, which is very important to me, I am obsessed with my first step and with my goal to become a world champion again."