Mayweather rules out Pacquiao rematch

Floyd Mayweather has stressed that he is content in retirement, to pour cold water on suggestions of a rematch with Manny Pacquiao.

Former five-weight world champion Mayweather was at ringside for Pacquiao’s victory over Jessie Vargas earlier this month, which fueled talk of a second meeting between the pair.

Pacquiao admitted afterwards that he would be happy to face Mayweather again, with the Philippines senator’s camp claiming they were confident that the bout would take place.

However, Mayweather – unbeaten from his 49 professional bouts – has reiterated that he has hung up his gloves.

"A lot of fighters in the sport of boxing may want to retire, but they have to fight because they have to," Mayweather told USA Today.

"I don't have to fight.

"I just made $300 million for fighting Pacquiao. I'm OK. Like I said before, I'm happy with my position. Once again, the money don't make me, I make money.

“I'm well off. I make smart moves, and like I said before, I'm happy with where my career has went."

However, Mayweather had claimed earlier this month that he would be open to a return to the ring and then sparked further speculation by watching the Pacquiao clash in person.

But the 39-year-old responded: “Different days, I say different things. Different days, I feel different ways.

"I feel different each day. Can Floyd Mayweather contradict himself? Absolutely. So that's why I know when I contradict myself, it doesn't mean I'm crazy.

"When someone puts up something I said in the past like, 'Oh you said this, this day, well you said this, that day,' I can contradict myself.

“I'm only human. I'm not perfect. God only made one thing perfect, my boxing record."