Trainer: Haye would take Joshua fight ‘in a heartbeat’

David Haye’s trainer Shane McGuigan reckons the British heavyweight would fight Anthony Joshua “in a heartbeat” if the opportunity arose.

Anthony Joshua has been IBF heavyweight champion of the world since April and has since defended it successfully against Dominic Breazeale in June.

Meanwhile Haye, who returned to boxing in January after almost four years away from the sport, is eyeing a December 10 date for his next fight.

“He’s been in the gym the whole time,” his trainer, McGuigan said. “It’s good the fact that he’s 35, turning 36 in a couple of weeks, and he wants to be in the gym.”

“I know David has struggled in the past to get the motivation to get himself in the gym and now he’s flying. He’s buzzing. I trained him four or five times last week, we’re moving to five times a week. He’s punching five times a week, which is really good. He has two sessions a day.”

Despite not knowing who Haye’s next opponent will be, McGuigan can’t help but get excited about the possibilities.

“It’s exciting times anyway… He’s number three in the IBF, he’s number six in the WBA, he’s number four in the WBO so he’s in and around there all the time with the different governing bodies. I think he’s number five with the WBC as well.

“I want him to fight for a world title and he wants to fight for a world title. We want to fight sooner rather than later, if we can get something nailed down. It is a very messy situation obviously with Tyson Fury and I hope he gets better.”

McGuigan has also had his say on the rumoured upcoming fight between Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko.

“I can’t see Joshua fighting Klitschko. I can’t see it happening,” added McGuigan. “Why would Klitschko fight him without a world title? I was surprised why he decided to come to Manchester [for the now cancelled Fury rematch]. That was strange but that might have been in the contract.”

“Eight or nine weeks or 10 weeks to fight for a huge fight. Why would Klitschko go into it when he’s got the potential of fighting the likes of Lucas Browne for a vacant belt and then going in early next year for a unification fight?”

And McGuigan has revealed that Haye would be happy to set up a bout with Joshua on December 10.

“I just don’t think they want to do it. They could prove me wrong,” McGuigan said. “I think Anthony Joshua is definitely game, he’ll fight anybody.

“But the investment of money that’s gone into him, can you generate that much money without being in a football stadium and on Box Office? You do make a lot of money on Box Office but it deserves a football stadium. So I think that’ll wait until summer.

“But if it came up tomorrow David would take it in a heartbeat. I know he would. I just don’t know if, not even him [Joshua], it’s his team, [would do it]. It’s a business at the end of the day and those fights, they deserve to wait.”