Briggs calls out Haye again

Shannon Briggs refuses to let up on David Haye, as he is just dying to get into the ring with him.

The veteran duo have impressed so far in 2016 . Briggs floored Emilio Zarate in the first round in May, while Haye, who has made a remarkable recovery from shoulder surgery, has won two fights this year.

Despite the Brit's successful return to the ring after a nearly four year absence, Briggs calls him 'soft' in his latest rant.

"Look at him softer than a cheese biscuit," quipped the 44-year-old on instagram.

"What's his excuse now? I fought on your show. I did my part. I showed up. 

"The people came out. The WBA are giving you a title shot I heard. Say what you want but I ain't boring. Be a man Davey. Come out and play."

Haye is currently looking at several options for another bout before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, WBA president Gilberto Mendoza revealed that it is imperative for boxing to see Haye return to the ring.

"We would love to have David Haye back as our champion, that's what I can tell you, but boxing is complicated, it's not easy," Mendoza told Sky Sports.

"He is high in the ranking, but obviously he will have to be active and fight other boxers.

"In a theoretical way, David Haye would receive a title opportunity. I don't know if in 2016, but perhaps at the beginning of next year."