Khan: Mayweather fight unlikely

The 28-year-old Khan, who has only lost three times in 34 fights, has wanted a fight against Mayweather since 2013 but has always been passed over.

Mayweather is scheduled to be back in the ring on September 12 in Las Vegas and speculation is that he will be up against former welterweight champion Andre Berto.

In a chat with The Telegraph, Khan said he feels that Mayweather is avoiding him but has to wait to hear from advisor Al Haymon as to what happens next.    

"My gut feeling is he's avoiding me, doesn't want to fight me, and he wants to go and take an easy fight and fight someone like Berto. 

"Plan B at the moment, it's only been a month since my last fight. I'll sit down with Al Haymon. And Al advises Mayweather and he has no idea what he's doing," said Khan. 

"We'll sit down with Al and my team; there are some good fights for me out there. First we'll see what Mayweather wants to do and go from there," Khan told The Telegraph.