Fury carries on with verbal tirade

The unbeaten challenger had a lot to say at this week's press conference and took his attack to the airwaves on Channel 5, saying his verbal attack on the champion was key to beating him.

"I think I did get into his mind with the spiel I was giving him. I don't think he's had anyone go into him with as much intelligence as I gave him," said fury.

"I think the key to beating Wladimir is in the build up, he will have lost it in the build up, that's what I intend to do. He's a weak mental person.  

"He kept going on about psychology and all that stuff, but at the end of this he'll be hiring me to be a psychologist.

"He's as good now as he was when he was 25, 35," he added.

Fury went further to say that he wanted to beat Klitschko now before people say the Ukrainian is past it. 

"When I beat him, I don't want people to say he's a faded champion.  He's just been rated the top pound-for-pound heavyweight of all times.  

"I'll be the greatest when I beat him; I'll be saying ‘I'm the greatest' like Muhammad Ali. I'll be beating a guy who hasn't been beaten for 11-years.  

"I will shake up the world then (WBC holder) Deontay Wilder's jaw with a right cross," he added.