Joshua targets Klitschko for 2016

Heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua does not see Gary Cornish getting past three rounds in Saturday's fight and believes he has what it takes to challenge Wladimir Klitschko next year.

Joshua (13, 13 KOs) and Cornish (21-0, 12 KOs) will fight each other on Saturday at The O2 Arena in London for the vacant Commonwealth heavyweight title.

The 25-year-old told ESPN that he feels the unbeaten Scotsman Cornish will not trouble him at all and the fight will be over within a few short rounds, like all the rest of Joshua's opponents.

His next opponent would be Dillian Whyte for the British heavyweight title if he wins on Saturday.

"I don't think this will be my longest fight," Joshua told ESPN.

"No one has come at me with much aggression yet against me. Then again I think he'll be a bit smarter than that. He'll come with a bit more character and try to win in style rather than just pure aggression.

"If I can't get past these type of opponents then I've no chance of doing well in boxing. So I can't give him too much credit. I've got to look at him as a threat that I need to get out of there ASAP.

"I know everyone says you need rounds, they will naturally come. I'll never try to go in there and drag out a fight, especially in a professional ring,” said Joshua.

"If I can get Cornish out of there in the first minute, I'd love that to happen. That's what people want to see. We're both big guys, heavy-handed, big guys are clumsy and make mistakes. If everything goes to plan it shouldn't be my longest fight.

"I need to get rid of him in order to keep on knocking on the door of world titles. If I was to try to say when it will be, I think a world title fight will be next year. I don't think he has been in with anyone who brings what I bring.

"I go in with a calm attitude and as soon as I see a sign of weakness I can't help myself but to go in and exploit it. I take my time and then they will show an opening and that's when the killer instinct kicks in."

Joshua added that he plans on facing WBC, WBA and WBO world champion Klitschko before he retires. The Ukrainian is defending his titles against Tyson Fury on October 24.

"Hopefully I'll be 14-0 by the end of this year so I think 20-0 would be good, or 18-0, by the time I fight Klitschko," Joshua told ESPN.

"Klitschko said he has five more fights in him and I don't know if that includes the Tyson Fury fight next month. A lot of the guys he can fight are mainly up and coming fighters so hopefully that will open the door to the guys like myself.

"If I can get past Cornish, then move on to Dillian Whyte in December, then next year if I can keep on winning then I think for sure he will still be around and me and Klitschko can get it on."