Mike Tyson’s bizarre Prince tribute

Many are choosing to honour legendary musician Prince following his untimely death on Thursday, but Mike Tyson’s tribute is definitely the most unique.

The former heavyweight champion took to Twitter on Friday to pay his respects to the fallen icon:

“Like the world I mourn but celebrate your spirit with your music,” wrote Tyson.

A lovely message, but somewhat undermined by the fact that Tyson accompanied those words with a visual meme from popular social media site 9gag:

The image is that of the boxer’s face photoshopped in place of Prince’s on his famous self-titled album from the 80s. The title of the album had also been changed accordingly, to reference Tyson’s famous lisp.

To date, the tweet has been liked more than 7000 times.

We have to give Tyson credit, and assume he was totally in on the joke.

The former champ is no stranger to causing a stir on the internet. This happened just a little over a week ago: