Fury: Joshua needs a miracle

Tyson Fury says Anthony Joshua will need a miracle to beat Charles Martin and win the IBF heavyweight title.

Joshua fights Martin for the IBF belt at The O2 on April 9 in what is just his 16th professional bout.

But Fury, who vacated the IBF title after agreeing a rematch with Wladimir Klitschko in November, has serious doubts about Joshua’s credentials as an elite-level fighter.

“Joshua can’t box,” said Fury. “No, he doesn’t have a jab. Yes, his movement is terrible and he’s wide open with no idea how to defend himself.

“His footwork is hopeless. The only time he’s been hit hard in his professional career, that shot by Dillian Whyte in his last fight, it would have been all over if he had been in there with a big heavyweight who knew how to finish.

“Whyte had been inactive for three years, if he can do that after being out of the ring for three years then what will Martin do?

“This game is not all about body-building. It’s about knowing how to box. He’s getting knocked out.”

However, Fury is hopeful that Joshua can overcome Martin because he feels a contest between the two British fighters would not only be a huge money-spinner but also one he could comfortably win.

“When it comes to world championship level, you have to set up the opening for the big punch with your jab,” Fury added.

“Then you have to be perfectly balanced to land the KO. How’s he going to do that with no jab and his feet all over the place?”