Watch: Shannon Briggs gate crashes David Haye presser

Shannon Briggs all but hijacked fellow heavyweight David Haye’s press conference on Wednesday.

Briggs has been in London for several weeks trying to nail down a fight with one of the UK’s big names, and he was clearly disappointed at having lost out to Arnold Gjergjaj, who was being confirmed as Haye’s next opponent in the presser.

Briggs stormed into the room and made sure all eyes were now on him.

“Let’s go champ! David, I’ve got you on camera. Do me a favour and tell the people at home why you’re fighting someone we’ve never heard of instead of me.

“I came to your country for a fight. Let’s go champ. Give us an answer champ. We need an answer.”

Haye responded: “Will you pass a brain scan? That’s the question. If you pass your medical and pass the brain scan, we’ll think about it. At this stage, you’re 44 years old.”

A giant security attempted to get in the way of an advancing Briggs, but the American would not let up.

“He’s scared of me, y’all. Let me just get it on camera. London – he’s scared of me! Don’t believe the hype. He’s a fraud,” he exclaimed.

“He came back and now he’s saying I’m looking for a pay day? He’s looking for a pay day. I’m ready to fight right now. I came to London ready to fight.”


Afterwards, Haye told Sky Sports News HQ: “He’s an interesting character and if the British public want to see me beat this guy up then maybe we can talk about it.

“I said to him that if he wants to fight someone, he can fight on the undercard and if the British public like what they see then it’d be a good fight. He’s got to pass his brain scan first and if you listen to him, I’m not sure he’ll pass his medical.”

Briggs said afterwards: “He was shivering. He was trying to talk about his undercard but he should fight on my undercard! I’ll fight on his undercard and I’ll fight for Eddie Hearn too. Scotland – I’m on my way. Be prepared.”