Fury: I’ve eaten hedgehog

World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury revealed that he eats hedgehogs, sparking outrage among animal welfare groups.

The Englishman revealed that his brother breeds hedgehogs, along with bullfrogs, for consumption.

“My brother breeds bullfrogs and rare hedgehogs for eating,” The Sun quotes the 27-year-old as saying.

“I’ve eaten hedgehog – it’s like nothing you’ve eaten before. Marinate them in honey, put them on a clay tray and bake in the oven.”

The Sun also revealed that hedgehogs are a traditional recipe for the gypsy community, of which Fury is proud to be a part of.

While it is illegal to domesticate hedgehogs in the UK, as they are on the endangered list, it is not illegal to eat them.

Nonetheless, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society released a statement condoning the action.

“We are very disappointed,” said a spokesperson.

“Hedgehogs are in decline massively in the UK. They need all the help they can get. To talk about cooking them for a snack doesn’t help at all.”

Meanwhile, PETA also voiced their concern over Fury’s dietary habits.

“If Tyson Fury has decided that a gentle hedgehog is edible, then in addition to needing to curb the offensive things that come out of his mouth, he needs to curb what he puts into his mouth,” said associate director Elisa Allen.

“Thinking athletes are turning to a totally meat-free diet, which can make you stronger and leaner, gives you more energy and shows you care about more than just yourself.

“We encourage Fury to take a leaf out of David Haye’s book and ditch all animal products, including hedgehogs and bullfrogs, for good.”