Floyd: I’m still the biggest draw

Floyd Mayweather has joked he could “put a halt on” Amir Khan-Canelo Alvarez by fighting Danny Garcia on the same night.

Khan stunned the boxing world by securing a catchweight contest against WBC middleweight champion Alvarez on Mayweather’s old MGM Grand stomping ground in Las Vegas on May 7.

Mayweather recently claimed he has turned down “nine-figure” offers to return to the ring for a 50th fight, and the self-proclaimed “best ever” believes he could take the spotlight off Khan-Canelo with one phone call.

“My videographer came to me and said, ‘Floyd, look what they’re saying, trying to say that this fight is bigger than you and Manny Pacquiao’,” Mayweather told the Fight Hype website.

“You know, I can easily put a halt on that fight if I chose to call Mr. Garcia, [Danny] Garcia’s dad, if I chose to call him and say, ‘You know what, sir, you’re a hell of a trainer, your son’s a hell of a fighter, he’s an undefeated champion, I’m an undefeated champion, and I think it would be great for me and your son both to make a lot of money.’

“Because if I’m not mistaken, I fought Canelo, right, and then Danny Garcia fought Amir Khan, and we’re both undefeated, so who do you want to see? Do you want to see them, or do you want to see us?

“I’m just saying, I’m just putting it out there, those are the type of things that I can do.”

Mayweather beat Alvarez in September 2013, while Khan lost a super-lightweight world title fight against Garcia in July 2012.