Eubank Jr blows Jeter away

Chris Eubank Jr made a spectacular Sky Sports debut by blasting Tony Jeter away in less than four minutes on Saturday night.

The Brighton middleweight had the American down in the first round but as soon as the second had started, he was on the offensive and unleashed vicious and accurate shots that set up a short and explosive success.

Jeter had done well to recovering a first-round flattening but after just 29 seconds of the next, referee Howard Foster had little choice but to intervene as Eubank Jr set about him again.

It left the Interim WBA world middleweight champion stealing the the show in Sheffield, overshadowing the injured Kell Brook and even his famous father, 'English'.

The senior seemed in relaxed mood, strolling to the ring and having a little groove before the action got underway but the ominous and focused face of Eubank Jr before the first bell, said it all.

From the start he landed three decent jabs, two more bodyshots with that lethal left, a little more than range-finders but suddenly a big right hook sent Jeter stumbling back into the ropes and the Maryland man, somehow made it to the bell.

In a matter of second-round seconds  it was all over though. Two more big left hooks and then a barrage of blows from both sides left Jeter in all sorts of problems and had no complaints when Foster saved him from a savage loss.

It was devastating and it was done and Eubank Jr was in a no-nonse mood and was immediately looking forward to a December 12 showdown already.

"I'm ready for Spike O'Sullivan," he told Sky Sports"He's been talking a lot of mess and it's time for some punishment. Please back up these words because I'm going to be going in there like an animal and I hope you're ready for it.

"Everything's been working smoothly. There's been no clash. It has been smooth in the changing room and as you guys saw, it was smooth up on there on the big stage. This is a taste of things to come."