Tyson Fury’s most entertaining performances

While Tyson Fury has a pretty impressive boxing record, it's his behaviour outside the ring that makes him one of the most entertaining fighters around.

The 6ft 9in heavyweight from Manchester has enjoyed a meteoric career rise – unbeaten in 24 fights, with 18 of those wins coming via knockout. But that record will be severely tested when he takes on world champion Wladimir Klitschko on November 28 in Germany.

Any suggestions that a step up to the really big leagues to face Klitschko would result in a different approach from Fury were quickly put to rest when the 27-year-old arrived for their pre-fight press conference dressed as Batman, taking part in an elaborate pantomime with a man who entered the room in a Joker costume.

BatFury (or Furyman?) wrestled the Joker to the ground in front of the assembled media as Klitschko looked on with only a hint of a smirk.

Afterwards, Fury disappeared before returning in a three-piece suit, though he wasn't much more respectful of his opponent, launching into a lengthy and impressive rant that was high on bravado and bluster – if not exactly conviction.

It was an amusing affair, but far from the only time Fury has entertained with such antics.

Back in February, he could not stop himself from taunting German boxer Christian Hammer at the weigh-in ahead of their match-up.

Clearly, Hammer's camoflauge cap was too tempting a target:

Fury's 23rd fight, his rematch against countryman Dereck Chisora last year, certainly wasn't short on drama either.

A table went flying at the pre-fight press conference:

The face-off threatened to explode:

Chisora even offered to bet Fury £10,000 that he would win the fight, but Fury upped it to £100,000. It's doubtful Chisora paid up afterwards, however.

Fury had a fully go at Steve Cunningham at their press conference two years ago, though the American somehow kept his cool.

Back in 2012, Kevin Johnson didn't back down when confronted by Fury's antics, though the result was ultimately the same in the ring: a win for the Briton.

It's safe to say we can expect more antics in the build up to the Klitschko fight, but while he's had success with this approach in the past, the question remains: will any of this work against the ice-cool Ukranian?

We'll find out on November 28.