Wilder and Szpilka almost come to blows

They’re set to meet in the ring on Saturday, but WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and challenger Artur Szpilka nearly came to blows a couple of days early.

The pair were both in the same room giving interviews on Wednesday, but couldn’t resist taunting each other verbally before engaging in an impromptu stare-down that threatened to boil over when they clashed heads.

Szpilka appeared to push his head into Wilder’s, sparking a shoving match that was quickly broken up by their respective teams.

Saturday night’s fight is the first world heavyweight title clash in New York for quite some time, and with the likes of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua watching on, Wilder is determined to put on a show.

“The heavyweight division is definitely getting – each and every time – more exciting,” he said.

“I’m in New York, breaking in my talent there, making my debut and making history.

“There hasn’t been a world heavyweight title here [in Brooklyn] for 115 years and I am about break that streak on Saturday night.

“Then I will add my name to list of great champions that came before me.”

Challenger Szpilka is not backing down, either.

“I realise that I can do something extraordinary and I am already looking forward to the day of the fight,” said the Pole earlier this month.