Groves: My trainer abandoned me

George Groves says his first trainer Adam Booth "abandoned" him ahead of his first world title fight against Carl Froch.

The British super-middleweight was a bright in the division before he came face to face with Froch, who he twice challenged for possession of his IBF and WBA titles, and twice lost to.

But Groves parted ways with his trainer just before facing Froch the first time, and linked up with Paddy Fitzpatrick, who was shown the door following a split decision defeat against Badou Jack in what was his third title shot.

Groves is set to make another comeback on January 30 with Shane McGuigan in his corner, and he took the time to open up about his relationship with Booth, who now trains Chris Eubank Jr.

"I asked Paddy to train me for the first Froch fight when I was 10 weeks out," said Groves.

"I'd had a bust-up with Adam Booth. I felt like my one pro coach had abandoned me – as he had done time and time before – but this time he'd done it just before a world title fight, which was hard to swallow.

"I thought, 'Alright, I don't need you anymore. I'll move on. I can either train myself or I can go with a trainer that I had a previous relationship with', which was Paddy. We had a good fight. It didn't quite go our way but we bounced from that fight to the next fight and the next fight.

"I think I ended up papering over cracks instead of addressing real situations. Paddy is a great coach with a wealth of experience but he was never going to be able to get the best out of me.

"We both realised it but were trying to force the situation to prove us right and everyone else wrong.

"I wasn't going to have another fight with Paddy after the Badou Jack fight. The romantic ending would've been a win, saying well done to Paddy for training a world champion, then parting ways and going to find someone who can get the best out of me. We came close to doing that.

"There aren't that many good reputable boxing coaches in the world – let alone in London or the UK – so it's tough to make those tough decisions. Enough time had passed and enough things had gone wrong. I needed to make a change and I think I've made one for the better."

Groves will be under McGuigan's guidance for the first time when he faces Andrea Di Luisa in the new year.