Whyte outweighs favourite Joshua

Dillian Whyte came in heavier than favourite Anthony Joshua at at Friday's weigh-in ahead of Saturday's British and Commonwealth heavyweight title clash.

The taller Joshua weighed in a surprising two pounds lighter before the two fighters avoided any drama at the final stare-down.

Rather than carry on from where they left off at the final press conference, Whyte opted to turn his back on Joshua with a smile.

Joshua did say something in White's ear just before they parted ways, however.

"I told him in his ear that he's going to learn about levels tomorrow," Joshua said afterwards.

"I feel good. I never really check my weight. It's only a boxing match and that's what I've been looking forward to. I'm used to a really confrontational Dillian Whyte. Maybe it's just a game plan to throw me off but I've got to get used to that kind of thing.

"We're both prospects but I'm coming along nicely and I want to display that tomorrow by defeating Dillian in good fashion. That's all. You've got to tune in and see what it's about. Two undefeated heavyweights putting it on the line.

"He's confident in beating me and I feel exactly the same. May the best man win. He'll probably hit me with a jab or two and maybe a right, but that'll stop. I'll try my best to avoid it and if it happens, I'll stop it and come back with counters.

"Win or lose, whatever happens with Dillian, let's give him some respect because he's putting it on the line."

Asked why he decided to turn his back, Whyte said: "His breath didn't smell nice so I turned around. I just didn't like the smell of his breath at the time. I'm not trying to get under his skin – I've just stated a few facts and that's all.

"I believe in myself, in my ability and I've worked hard. I've been working hard my whole life. I'm 16-0 now and probably a few fights off a world title fight but I belong here. I've fought the hard way and built my way up slowly.

"He won an Olympic gold medal, the ABAs and he signed with Matchroom. He's getting what he deserves. For me, it's been trials and tribulations but you have to play the hand you've been dealt and it got me to here. If I win, my hand changes dramatically.

"What's happened to me in boxing is nothing compared to what has happened to me in life. I'm a hungry man and I have mouths to feed so I have to feed them too. Both men have their pride to lose and he's got Sky and everything to lose."