Froch: I’m retired – for now

Carl Froch has reiterated his intention to remain in retirement, but hasn't closed the door completely on a possible comeback.

In a column written for Sky Sports, the former four-time super middleweight world champion said he was happy with his exit from the sport, and that at the moment he doesn't feel like he has anything to prove by returning.

Froch's final fight was his rematch against bitter rival George Groves, which ended in a knockout victory.

"There have been many boxing comebacks over the years, and sadly many of them do not have a happy ending," wrote Froch.

"Some fighters had blinding speed and reflexes in their heyday but faded badly with age. Others suffered heavy, concussive losses and wanted to go out with a 'W'  – and worst of all, some needed the money.

"My exit from the sport couldn't have been more different from the reasons above. I went out on the biggest of platforms, with a crushing victory and secured my financial future. 

"Elsewhere throughout my career, I can honestly say that I've ticked every single box on a fighter's bucket list. I've won titles at home, I've won them abroad, I've defended titles abroad and lost them, and gone on to dominate my next opponent to win them back. I've boxed in every stand-out venue across the country.

"In a nutshell, there is no reason forcing me back into the ring. There are no itches left to scratch and nothing left to prove. My final fight was called 'Unfinished Business' – and I finished it."

Still, Froch remains open to the possibility of a return, should a challenge big enough arise.

"If I did decide to fight again it wouldn't be to rectify a defeat and it wouldn't be because I needed the money," he added. "It would be all about the big challenge, the reason to push myself to the limits once again and something to spark the desire that seems to have gone away.

"For now."