Wlad: Fury makes me sick

World champion Wladimir Klitschko says Tyson Fury's recent controversy proves the challenger has 'a brain the size of a walnut.'

The IBF, WBO and WBA world heavyweight champion (64-3-KO53) defends his titles against Fury (24-0-KO18) in Dusseldorf on November 28, but is disapproving of the Mancunian's comments on homosexuality and abortion.

Speaking at his training camp in Austria, the 39-year-old Ukrainian said: "It makes me sick. 

"It's disgusting. It has nothing to do with the promotion. It just shows the true inside of Tyson Fury. It shows he has the brain the size of a walnut.

"It's unhappy for me. I understand there are different characters in boxing, politics and other fields in life but I think he should have kept it for himself.

"We are living, thank God, in a democratic world where everyone has the right to an open opinion. I think he was punished already for something – as Dereck Chisora did – so there are certain consequences. You can't do that.

"If it's going to get over the edge, yes [he should be punished]. If people know there is no consequence for action, they will continue. I think certain rules exist and people need to respect each other and be proper."

Fury also suggested that Klitschko, who is unbeaten in over 11 years, 'has the devil in him', but the champion simply laughed off the latest claims.

He said: "Stupid. I can't comment on stupid comments.

"Magic is a part of society that's an amazing thing and Tyson Fury is a future clown in the circus. He needs to understand that he needs to work with the magicians."