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Twitter accuses Floyd Mayweather of fixing fight against Tenshin Nasukawa

Floyd Mayweather made light work of undefeated kickboxing phenom Tenshin Nasukawa on the Rizin New Year’s Eve card, knocking him down thrice en route to stopping him within a round.

But as is always the case after every Floyd Mayweather fight, there is a vocal section of the fanbase that is crying foul.

This time, the accusations generally center around how fixed the bout appeared to some, with Nasukawa suffering three theatrical knockdowns at the hands of Floyd before his corner threw the towel in.

However, Nasukawa broke down inconsolably after the bout had been called, and his team hastily escorted him away from the cameras and the public in an attempt to save him the scrutiny in that moment of vulnerability – which, if fixed, was a phenomenal piece of acting.

Personally, I don’t subscribe to the notion that it was fixed. Floyd looked too big and too strong for Nasukawa. And Nasukawa didn’t have enough power going the other way to trouble Floyd – especially with 8 ounce gloves on.

But there were plenty of reactions on Twitter that suggested that it was indeed fixed, and we run through a number of them in this piece.

Have a read and leave your comments below. Was it a fixed fight or was Floyd just too good for Nasukawa?