5 Celebrities you didn’t know that own a stake in UFC

Harry Kettle Harry Kettle

There are a lot of things that should come as a surprise to you if you’re beginning your MMA fandom, especially if your main source of enjoyment stems from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The company have a lot of positives and a lot of negatives to their name, often in equal measure.

One anecdote that many find interesting is the parade of celebrity ‘owners’ who have invested money into the company since WME-IMG took over. Some of the 23 names are more well known than others, but these five stood out to us as being particularly odd for different reasons.

While they likely don’t have any real power within the company, it’s certainly worth noting that their names are attached to the UFC now and probably for many years to come.

Jimmy Kimmel

Via: Variety

While Jimmy Kimmel may have had Dana White on his show before, he still doesn’t come across as the standard ‘UFC fan’. He clearly spotted an opportunity based on his conversation with Dana and decided to act upon it, and we’d argue that he made the right call. At the very least, though, we think this should serve as the green light for Kimmel vs Fallon inside the Octagon.

Maria Sharapova

Via: Sky Sports

Maria Sharapova may have had quite a dramatic fall from grace, but she’s certainly still a notable presence in the world of sport. In fact, we’d even go so far as to say that if she’d trained in MMA instead of tennis, she’d probably be a force to be reckoned with. That sounds silly to say, but give it some thought.

Mark Wahlberg

Via: Boston Globe

Mark Wahlberg plays the larger than life hero in a lot of his films these days, and it turns out that he enjoys seeing a similar type of storyline play out in combat sports. As one of Hollywood’s (arguably) biggest stars he’s a great name to have on board, and he’d be great to bring out during the next Boston event.

Serena Williams

Via: Tennis World USA

Serena Williams is still playing at the highest level in the tennis world, and you have to praise her for that. In addition to being on the court, though, she also makes some seriously smart investments, and the UFC is one of them. We can just picture her getting really invested in an event or specific fight, especially alongside her sister Venus who has also invested in the company. Will we ever see them get into a physical altercation? Probably not, but we’re happy enough with looking back at their utterly dominating reign at the top.

Calvin Harris

Via: NME.com

Calvin Harris doesn’t exactly strike us as the kind of guy who is into seeing guys going toe to toe with one another, but in many ways, that’s the beauty of mixed martial arts. It can bring out fans in people that otherwise wouldn’t have any kind of interest in combat sports, probably because of their own personal feelings about sports like boxing.

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