5 Biggest MMA fighters of all time

Fighting in MMA today involves a great degree of skill. The sport is constantly in evolution and unless fighters evolve their skill sets in pace with the sport, they’re going to be left behind.

However, there has always been a spot in MMA for freakshows – to showcase freak athletes of immense size and stature in fights.

Unfortunately, these freak shows don’t make for great technical fights but they do make for fun spectacles. And if the fighters involved are true behemoths, it’s all the more interesting to watch.

On that note, here are 5 of the biggest MMA fighters of all time.

Hong-Man Choi  РWeight: 352 pounds, Height: 2.2m

Hong-Man Choi is one of the true monsters of the MMA game. Standing at over 2 meters in height, he often dwarfs his opponents quite handily.

He’s fought really legitimate talents across his MMA career like Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Cro Cop as well as the likes of Badr Hari, Semmy Schilt, Gary Goodridge and Ray Sefo in his kickboxing career.

MMA Record: 4-5, Kickboxing record: 12-7-1

Giant Silva – Weight: 385 pounds, Height: 2.18m

Giant Silva was a behemoth of a man, and the second tallest entry into this list. However, unlike Hong-Man Choi, Silva didn’t even enjoy a modicum of success in his fighting career. The ‘freakshow’ corner in Pride often saw Silva compete, but mostly end up finished by his opponent.

He wrapped his MMA career at 2-6.

Akebono – Weight: 551 pounds, Height: 2.03 m

Akebono is probably one of the most recognizable big men across MMA, kickboxing, Sumo wrestling and pro wrestling. However, he only really had success in Sumo wrestling and ended up with terrible records in kickboxing and MMA.

Well, you can’t be great at everything right?

MMA Record: 0-4, Kickboxing record: 1-9

Emmanuel Yarborough – Weight: 595 pounds, Height: 2.03 m

Emmanuel Yarborough was a colossus of a man who competed at UFC 3 – and lost. However, unlike the others on this list, Yarborough didn’t put himself through the grind of MMA for too long, and retired after just 3 fights with a record of 1-2.

Butterbean- Weight: 425 pounds, Height: 1.82m

Butterbean was a wrecking ball, in all sense of the word. Unlike many others on this list, he knew and understood the technicalities of boxing and coupled with his humongous frame, could land devastating power on his opponents.

He also had a very prolonged and distinguished boxing and MMA career, as well as a brief one. He even showed up in the WWE to knock an unsuspecting wrestler to oblivion!

Boxing record: 77-10-4, Kickboxing record: 3-4, MMA record: 17-10-1