Bagheri: Sparv won’t bully me

FOX Sports Asia speaks to title contender Mehdi Bagheri as the Iranian wrestler gears up to his Full Metal Dojo (FMD) Middleweight title fight against Glenn Sparv. 

Undefeated mixed martial artist, and crusher of spirits, Mehdi Bagheri (4-0), had a message for Glenn Sparv ahead of their showdown at FMD 16 on November 3: Good luck trying to take me down.

The Iranian Graeco-Roman wrestler, fighting out of Kuala Lumpur’s Monarchy MMA Gym, is riding a four-fight win streak and has yet to taste defeat with his last victory coming at FMD 15 over the previously undefeated Javier Trujillo.

He faces a more experienced foe this time in Finland’s Glenn Sparv (19-5-0) from Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket for the FMD Middleweight title.

Having scrutinised videos of Sparv and assessed his strengths and weaknesses, he believes he has nothing to fear from the bigger man.

“I’m the complete package. Despite his big record, he doesn’t have that much in the way of skills,” he said. “His only advantage is size, he’s a bigger guy than me and likes to use his size to put pressure on his opponents. But good luck taking me down.”

Bagheri’s confidence is backed-up by a lifetime of wrestling experience, since the age of eight, and he’s also well versed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – as demonstrated in his three submission finishes.

Photo courtesy of FMD

He suffered a frustrating 2018, with two cancelled bouts, both title fights in different fight promotions, but he returns to the FMD ready to continue right where he left off in 2017.

“I feel ready, this fight is what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve had a good camp, and once I step in that cage, nobody can stop me.”

“I’m ready for anyone, I’ve been competing my whole life and I want to headline big, big shows, and to be recognised. Full Metal Dojo is a great platform for me to do that.”