Welcome to Trinity: Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA all in one fight

Richard Arthur Richard Arthur

FOX Sports Asia investigates Full Metal Dojo MMA’s latest combat sports offering Trinity.

Infamous Thailand-based MMA promotion Full Metal Dojo (FMD) are now launching a brand new promotion with a brand new format named Trinity – Proflex Striker Series.

Each event will consist of an eight-man knock-out tournament. Every fight in the tournament will consist of a first round of boxing, a second round of Muay Thai, and a third round of MMA. The winners of the four quarterfinal fights will proceed to the semi-finals, with the semis victors then competing in the final.

A grand prize of 15,000 baht and the Proflex Champions Belt awaits the last man standing at the end of the tournament.

The first Trinity happens this Saturday, May 12 on the rooftop of Bangkok’s Ambassador Hotel – right in the heart of legendary entertainment district of Asok-Nana. Fans can also expect entertainment provided by FMD in their usual irreverent style at the weekend event.

The first event sees eight Thai prize fighters entering the six-metre cage, meaning there is no space to hide and one clean punch can end an opponent’s night. With specialists from various disciplines, it is sure to make for some exciting match-ups and strategies, as the fighters seek to progress through the different rounds against different types of fighters, all the while capitalising on their strengths and limiting their taken damage and energy use.

FMD President and Saturday night’s Trinity host, legendary fight promoter Jon Nutt, told us, “This new Trinity event is bringing us back to our party roots, while at the same time looking to grow our Eat Pray Fight sponsored by Bangkok Fightlab documentary series for FOX Sports Asia.”

“It’s a new format for our fans but the team at The Ambassador having been using this Super 8 series quite a bit. We have partnered up with them and believe this could be a tag team matchup that’s stronger than the Legion of Doom back in the WWF days. With our involvement, we are looking to make this a new style of MMA show. Think of it as Kitchen Nightmares meets MMA, where we come in and shake things up, while improving the overall product.”

“It’s going to be a fun-filled time. And it’s very stress-free. After all the same principle applies for Trinity that does for Full Metal Dojo – make the event for the people at the live show. And worry about the broadcast later. Not many promotions do this. And it’s why we stand out from the rest and are one of the best live combat sports event organisers in the world. The real-life underground is back in Bangkok. And Trinity is its name.”

The event comes on the back of FMD’s assistance in the Thailand MMA Federation’s two events last weekend at JSL Global Media Studio in Bangkok – the OneShin Cup and Ignite Warrior Championship. They will also be involved with the upcoming Fairtex Muay Thai and MMA Smoker at Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya on May 26, and more upcoming amateur MMA events in Thailand and beyond.