Singapore wrestlers ready for Rocky IV-inspired Russian invasion

Kenneth 'The Eurasian Dragon' Thexeira Kenneth 'The Eurasian Dragon' Thexeira

FOX Sports Asia gets one-half of the SPW Tag Team Champions, The Eurasian Dragon to preview the massive Russia vs Singapore wrestling show taking place on May 4.

Both professional wrestling and the classic Sylvester Stallone film Rocky IV have left indelible marks on pop culture, creating memories for many people.

This Friday, Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) presents PART TWO of its Triple Thrill Series of live shows when Russia’s Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF) invades the Pavilion @Far East Square in Singapore!

With a tagline that reads “Russia vs Singapore”, expect the local indie-pro wrestling promotion to put their own spin on the classic Rocky rivalry against over-the-top Russian opponents.

Team SPW are relishing the opportunity to “do a Stallone” on 4 May

Origin Stories (in a nutshell)

And linking these two promotions is the enigmatic SPW founder Mr Vadim Koryagin.

The Canadian-trained Koryagin, who had a wrestling spell in IWF, set up shop in Singapore after helping to establish the Russian promotion.

As such, both set of wrestlers will want to do their best and win the approval of the man they regarded as a father figure.

The Russians are so eager to win the approval of their mentor that they have even created their own music video, complete with a rocking guitar solo, to seal the deal!

On with the Show…

But nothing is settled until the dust settles in the ring.

In the May 4 show’s main event, SPW Southeast Asian Champion Ivan ‘Lokomotiv’ Markov will be putting his friendship aside to battle regional wrestling star Andruew ‘The Statement’ Tang.

The Statement, who is also the co-founder of SPW, will be hungry to regain his former title from the violent and sadistic Russian Markov who absolutely demolished Pavel ‘Joker’ Kurkin in Malaysia!

But the Statement is not to be underestimated – having faced the WWE UK Champion, The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne as well as Japanese DDT star Masa Takanashi!

Photo sourced from SPW Facebook

My House, My Rules!

However, the most important match of the night in my most humble opinion, is when my partner Mighty Mighty and I, the Eurasian Dragon, defend our Southeast Asia Tag Team belts against the IWF’s Kyber Punks.

Known collectively as Mighty Dragon, we are already very malu (Malay for ashamed) that all of SPW’s singles titles have all been lost to foreigners. And having successfully defended our championship gold just last month, we do not intend to lose to two men who look like the love children of Red Alert and Blade Runner!

As the first-ever Singapore Champion way back in 2016, I feel a sense of patriotic duty alongside my #BFF Mighty Mighty which makes this a must-win match. ‘Cos losing at home, that can happen to anyone; but losing a championship belt at home is just plain terrible…

Besides, how am I going to put my face out there in the ten countries that I have wrestled in over the last six years if I lose in my own backyard?

Photo sourced from SPW Facebook

IWF vs SPW takes place in Singapore at The Pavilion@Far East Square on May 4.

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