Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner: The obvious and the hidden

Mike Ochosa

Manny Pacquiao turned 40 years old.  Many believe that a boxer over 40 is way past his prime.   Although big name fighters like Vladimir Klitsko, Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones successfully fought over the age of 40, they are the exception.  

On Jan 19, 2019, at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, the only 8 division champion will put his World Boxing Association welterweight belt on the line.  He will go up against a fighter who is over a decade younger than him in 29 year old Adrien Broner.

The Broner camp has been overly secretive but a report reveals that they are molding the challenger to perform like Juan Manuel Marquez. This exposes that the focus is to throw the right hand hopefully catching the champion, a feat that Broner will need to execute perfectly.

Perfect execution will be determined by the following factors.

Whose side is age on?

Age is a very palpable variable.  The advantage of age however is not absolute.  It is at most times relative. It is not accurate simply to say that a much older fighter will lose against a younger one.  There are many older fighters who have won matches through craftiness and well implemented strategies.

However, there is no debate that as one ages, speed and power are the two variables that normally go first and that is where the concern for the Pacman begins.  Nevertheless, reports coming from the Pacquiao camp indicate that the champion remains to be fast and strong leaving the burden to prove that youth is an advantage to Broner.

If, for some reason though, age suddenly creeps in that night, Broner might just pull a surprise.

Experience may negate age

Pacquiao has fought professionally 69 times and his record stands at 60-7-2.   In contrast, Broner has had a total of 38 fights winning 33 of them, losing 2 with 1 draw.  Pacquiao has boxed a total of 462 rounds while Broner 332.

Clearly, Pacquiao’s total experience as a professional boxer is far more superior than Broner.  More so, the Filipino has competed more times in this big a show.

Pacquiao is expected to use his boxing wisdom to erase the youth advantage of Broner.   Although Pacquiao is slower and less powerful than his old self, he has displayed the ability over the past recent years to continue to leverage on his speed and strength despite his age.

The American challenger who calls himself  “The Problem”, will have to prepare for Pacquiao’s dexterity and not expect age to suddenly be on his side come fight night.

Activity vs. Passivity

If the reports are true, Broner will patiently wait for Pacquiao to open up.  A right straight or a right uppercut thrown after a shoulder roll- parry will be his best bet.  Fight fans may not appreciate this passive approach but if Broner is to win, he needs to match Pacquiao’s boxing IQ.  Broner is expected to attempt to frustrate Pacquiao who, on the other hand, will be relentless in his attacks.

Manny Pacquiao looking sharp ahead of Adrian Broner fight

Coach Mike Ochosa has been following Manny Pacquiao as he steps up training for his fight with Adrian Broner…And the Filipino boxing legend is looking sharp!

Posted by FOX SPORTS Asia on Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Who wins then?

Many have said that this is a fight that sets up a Pacquiao- Mayweather 2 meeting.  Whatever it is, it still is a fight. Both fighters know that what happens next in their career is highly dependent on the outcome of this fight.  Being the professionals that they are, these pugilists are expected to step into the ring with their A game.

If Broner can control the tempo of the fight early on, he might just pull off an upset.  But if Pacquiao has his way, it may be a short and successful night for the champion.