5 reasons why we should see Mayweather vs McGregor 2 in 2019

Harry Kettle Harry Kettle

Before you get out your knives and pitchforks, this isn’t a piece that is being done to suggest that this should be the only fight either man has in 2019. In fact, on the contrary: we believe that Conor McGregor should fight twice in the world of mixed martial arts this year (and potentially once against Floyd, but we’ll get to that).

We’re just trying to think of this from a logistical standpoint, because we all know that this is bound to be one of the options on the table. Sure, it may not be overly realistic in the eyes of many, but the same thing was said for the first fight.

Let’s just sit back, relax, and allow our minds to wonder.

MMA Rematch

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If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts and you aren’t a massive fan of Floyd Mayweather, then there’s no way of getting around it: you want to see Conor kick his head off. Whether it be in an illegal move during a boxing fight or during a perfectly legal MMA fight, which Mayweather would clearly never do, it’d just be so satisfying – and yes, we realise that’s a little bit sadistic.

That Slim Hope

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It’s the hope that kills you.

We know that Conor McGregor could fight Floyd 100 times and probably never even beat him once, but come on now. Let’s not pretend like we all wouldn’t rejoice in witnessing one of the most remarkable moments in the history of combat sports. The guy can make you believe just about anything, and if they ran it back, he’d do the same thing all over again.

Money, Money, Money

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Floyd made nine figures, Conor made nine figures, and it seems as if the Ultimate Fighting Championship also received a cut of things. So why not see if they can emulate it? Of course, that’d be easier said than done, but these guys are arguably the biggest draws that there has ever been in their respective sports.

The Build-Up

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It was so fun debating the possibility of McGregor beating Mayweather, to the point where we were all talking about it with our friends and family before eventually meeting up for the fight itself. When combat sports is at its best the world is discussing it, and that was always going to be the case here.

Possible Stadium Show

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We understand that it’s all about Las Vegas, but why not splash out on making the rematch a stadium show? It’d sell out with absolute ease, and you could even do it in the new Vegas stadium that is currently being built. Sure, it’d be a bit gimmicky especially if they did it in boxing again, but visually speaking it’d probably be one of the images of 2019.

You may not like either man but there’s no denying what they’ve been able to do from a marketing point of view, and they seem to only just be getting started.