5 on-court sneakers that famous PBA players will wear in an alternate universe

Imagine if the PBA exists in a parallel universe where players are assigned their shoes based on their characteristics and playing tendencies, what shoes will they wear?

If there is such an all-powerful custodian of basketball sneakers that bestows these mean kicks to truly deserving elite athletes in the Philippines’ number one sport, then these recognizable players will most probably be associated with the following shoes.

Japeth Aguilar: Nike Shox VC2

If the high-flying, athletic Ginebra big man needs an equally worthy shoes to go well with those highlight-reel-material, rim-rattling slams then there’s probably no other pair that can fit the bill other than the iconic Shox VC2 by the “half-man, half-amazing” Vince Carter.

Big man, yet sprightly for his size with an exemplary level of mobility and leaping ability to boot, Japeth Aguilar delivers the “shox” everytime his feet leave the hardwood inside the paint and with the ball in his hands.

Shox VC 2, Jumping Japeth’s partner for those leaps-and-bounds and high-impact jams!

Calvin Abueva – Reebok Kamikaze II

Calvin’s all-out “buwis-buhay” hustle and fighting spirit along with his mind-games and simply unquenchable will to win puts him in good company with the Reebok Kamikaze II.

His competitiveness that sometimes borders to the extreme earns him the ire of his rivals on the court, and even the referees and officials a few times but there’s no denying that his qualities boosts his team, whether it’s Alaska or Gilas Pilipinas, especially when in-game situations get tough.

Tough, tenacious, yet brash and impulsive (to some degree), The Kamikaze embodies Calvin’s overall persona very well in a footwear package.

“Buwis-buhay” indeed!

Allan Caidic – Converse Weapon

The only retired player that made this short-list edition, “The Triggerman” is so lethal that there’s no other footwear that is worthy to go with his on-court reputation and myth than the Weapon.

Enough said.

June Mar Fajardo – Nike (Force) Air Max 2 Strong

“The Kraken” is the PBA’s most effective and lethal force in the league at the moment, hands down.

His four-straight MVP awards in the PBA is a testament to this.

He’s too much of a complete package for a big man that his mere presence for the San Miguel Beermen creates serious mismatch for the opposing team’s rotation that it’s almost not fair.

With his stellar qualities and with what he has achieved (and could still possibly achieve) in the PBA, the best footwear for him to gear up with is the Air Max 2 Strong.

No wonder, he’s just “2 Strong”!

Arwind Santos – Nike Foamposite Pro Spider-Man

Arwind Santos, San Miguel Beermen’s athletic veteran forward who possesses an array of arsenal on the offensive end and with an almost equally numerous defensive qualities to boot.

Santos has been an integral part in the Beermen’s recent run of success and domination in the league.

But what makes him a spectacle recently aside from his loud on-court fashion sense is his Spider-Man dunk which is probably illegal in other leagues except the PBA.

The dunk has been his signature and because of this, he deserves the Nike Foamposite Pro Spider Man to go along with his antics and preference for loud colors.

BONUS: The Sixth-man

Raymond Almazan – Converse Chuck Taylor


To hell with cushioning! It’s fire and brimstone, baby!!!

There’s no other shoes that rock as loud as the Converse Chuck Taylor, dude.

Punks dig it. Some metal-heads dig it. Rain or Shine’s elite big-man Raymond “Rock n’ Roll” Almazan will definitely go well with it.

So here are the list of sneakers that would go along with your favorite PBA player in another reality.

And somewhere in that unreachable parallel-universe, the sage acting as the all-powerful shoe custodian who assigns the sneakers to PBA players has a particular saying that is so famous it’s considered absolute truth…