Wojnarowski finds loophole on ESPN draft night rule to drop patended ‘Woj Bombs’

Adrian Wojnarowski is undefeated.

The king of NBA scoops found a way to become the biggest name not called by Adam Silver on Thursday after finding a clever fix around an NBA draft night rule laid out by his mother company ESPN.

News circulated earlier this week that the network instructed its reporters to not bare the picks online should they find out about the teams’ choices before an official announcement is made. This was in line with keeping ESPN’s exclusive broadcast rights, according to a report from Awful Announcing..

With the directive in place, NBA Twitter expected Woj’s feed to be free of spoilers.

Boy, were we all wrong.

Hours before the draft took place, Wojnarowski tweeted out a supposed ‘mock draft’ detailing the players that top lottery teams preferred. This was probably his first workaround the edict since he didn’t release the information during the draft itself.

From that point on, you could see that he was far from over. Woj seemingly dug into his thesaurus and lawyered ESPN by not explicitly stating that a team would draft a certain player.

Absolute genius.

Whether or not Wojnarowski will face sanctions or reprimands remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: you can never keep him out of the game.

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