A list of JR Smith’s not-so-finest moments

MOST basketball players have at least done some boneheaded plays on the basketball court, which is normal.

However, from his questionable social media posts and shirtless adventures, 14-year veteran and one-time NBA champion JR Smith is widely known more for his on-court antics and head scratching moments than what he brings to the hardwood.

Here at FOX Sports PH, we look at some of his biggest on-court gaffes from his decorated career:

 1. His penchant for untying shoelaces during free throws

Perhaps trying to gain every bit of an advantage during free throws, JR Smith continuously untied multiple shoe laces, particularly against big men, earning a $50,000 fine in 2014 due to “recurring instances of unsportsmanlike conduct.”

2. I guess Tyreke Evans’ shot went… in?

In what seemingly is a normal possession in the third quarter of a tight game between the Kings and the Nuggets, Tyreke Evans, not known as a great outside shooter, airballed a trey and the ball grazed off the net. Since Smith was underneath the rim at the time, he must’ve assumed that the shot went in and he promptly grabbed the ball and took it out of bounds as if he was about to inbound the ball. The referee quickly realizes this and blows the whistle in favor of Sacramento:

3. JR Smith with the elite defense

With the Cavaliers getting set on defense against the Bucks, JR Smith was guarding Tony Snell in the corner. Smith, seeing his ol’ buddy Jason Terry on the bench, he went and dapped him up while Snell cuts to the basket for an easy dunk:

“I didn’t even know I was in the game. My bad,” Smith said when asked about his defensive mishap.

4. Forgetting time and score – Part 1

With the game on the line needing a basket, the Knicks were able to grab an offensive rebound after a missed three-pointer with less than 24 seconds on the clock. Instead of bringing the ball out for the last shot, JR Smith proceeded to brick a wide open three and Aaron Brooks was fouled after a mad scramble off his miss:

Shooters shoot I guess since he was wide open.

5. Forgetting time and score – Part 2, this time in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals

It was Game 1 of the 2018 Finals and the ball game was all evened up at 107.

George Hill eventually missed the crucial free throw and Smith, miraculously, was able to corral a rebound against Kevin Durant and the Warriors. Thinking that they were in the lead, good ol’ JR dribbled all the way beyond the three point line, wasting away precious seconds from possibly getting a better look for a game winner:

We feel you LeBron. We really do.

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