Uniforms that every NBA team should bring back (Atlantic Division)

Every jersey that has been bannered by every NBA team will be memorable in their own ways – no matter how terrific or horrendous it may have been, and no matter what reputation came along with it.

Clamors for the return of certain editions of these jerseys aren’t lacking every year, and for different reasons: fans want some back for nostalgia, others for luck and belief, while a lot just think that some designs are cool.

Bringing back some designs might not be an option right now for many teams. But if they do decide to go that way, maybe they can take a look at some of their team’s best.

1. Boston Celtics

There haven’t really been drastic changes in the Celtics’ uniform, and for good reason; they’re upholding the tradition and excellence that came with the simplicity of the jersey’s design. But the certain arc in the ‘Celtics’ jersey worn during Bill Russell’s era encapsulate the vibe that they’re aiming for. I mean, his team did win 11 titles while wearing these.

2. Brooklyn Nets

Aside from what was on the jerseys during the Dr. J and Vince Carter era, the Nets franchise doesn’t really have a single look that could stand out and define their franchise. Brooklyn clearly wants to separate themselves from their history with their current clean design and black and white colorway. Maybe laying that neutral color on their current threads will inject vigor to the team.

3. New York Knicks

Just like the Celtics uniforms, the Knicks never really veered far from their original design scheme until this season, where the ‘City’ edition of their jerseys (which a lot of people dig, by the way) added a logo of what seems to be that of a firefighter right smack in the middle of the jerseys. They could opt to bring back the Ewing era jerseys, but that might be a figurative step back for a lot of Knicks fans.

4. Philadelphia 76ers

(Photo by Dick Raphael/NBAE via Getty Images)

Behind a high-ceiling core of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Dario Saric, the Sixers are in a good spot for more or less a decade. They’re moving forward, and their jersey game has improved a lot, too. But maybe they could do with a little tribute to Julius Erving by bringing this design back from time to time. It’s timeless, and it won’t stray away from the current fresh threads that they’re bannering.

5. Toronto Raptors

It’s kinda dated, but it’s just awesome. I don’t really need to say much here.