Cavaliers visit owner Dan Gilbert at Detroit home after stroke

Dan Gilbert

The team reportedly “broke down film and conducted a brief walkthrough” ahead of Sunday’s game against the Celtics at Gilbert’s home.

The Cavaliers took advantage of their preseason game in Detroit by paying a visit to team owner and Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the team bypassed its Saturday practice and instead visited Gilbert at his home after Friday’s preseason loss to the Pistons as he continues to recover from a stroke he suffered in May.

“It was uplifting,” a source said of the visit. “Very, very positive. Dan is getting better. It was a great day.”

The report noted the team “even broke down film and conducted a brief walkthrough in preparation for Sunday’s matchup against the Celtics” at Gilbert’s home, which is about 20 miles outside Detroit.

Gilbert, 57, was released in June from the Michigan hospital where he was treated for and recovering from the stroke. He later sent a video to Quicken Loans employees in August thanking them for their well wishes.

“Dan Gilbert here, remember me?” Gilbert said in the video. “Keep doing what you’re doing because whatever you’re doing is great. Going much better since I left a few weeks back, I noticed. So thank you. Thank you for all your well wishes and the letters, notes, emails, voicemails and texts. I read every single one and I really appreciate them.”

Gilbert purchased the Cavaliers in 2005 and the team has made five NBA Finals appearances and won one championship since.