Lakers free agency rumors: Team trying to find way to add DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan reportedly wants to play in Los Angeles again and the Lakers have interest in the center.

The Lakers have another big man on their radar.

Los Angeles has an interest in pairing free-agent center DeAndre Jordan with Anthony Davis and LeBron James, according to a report from ESPN.

Jordan also has an interest in playing in the area again, so it would seem there is an avenue for the All-Star center to make his way back to California.

Jordan played the first 10 seasons of his career with the Clippers.

The question remains exactly how the Lakers could make that happen.

Do they want to make Jordan the team’s third max player? That seems to be unlikely. However, a deal similar to what DeMarcus Cousins signed with the Warriors last season could be an option.

A mid-level exception could work depending on what the team’s cap situation looks like in the coming weeks and it could appeal to Jordan if he wants to win a championship.

We’ll see what happens.

In other news, it would be best to monitor what Kevin Durant does if you want to try to figure out where else Jordan could be going.

According to ESPN, teams interested in bringing in Durant also may bring in Jordan as the two are close friends.

So if he doesn’t end up on the west coast, the Nets and Knicks both would possibly want to bring Jordan onto their roster.