NBA playoffs 2019: Joel Embiid, Amir Johnson caught looking at phone on bench in Game 1

Embiid and teammate Amir Johnson appeared to be looking at a text message on Johnson’s phone on the bench.

This is not a good look for a team that was losing at home in the first round of the playoffs.

Joel Embiid was caught along with teammate Amir Johnson looking at what appeared to be Johnson’s phone on the bench during Game 1 on Saturday.

The pair appeared to be looking at a text message.

The 76ers were losing to the Nets at home at the time, so this is not an ideal thing to be caught on camera.

Johnson was inactive for the game. Embiid was doubtful coming into the game with a knee injury, but he ultimately started and played.

He had some good moments (22 points and 15 rebounds), but Philadelphia was minus-17 with him on the floor, so he clearly wasn’t perfect which means he probably could have been using his time better than looking at a phone.

We’ll see what the center has to say if he is asked about the moment after the game, which the Nets won, 111-102.

We’ll see what Jimmy Butler — who called his Timberwolves teammates “soft” before he was traded to the 76ers — has to say if he is asked about this moment.