Former NBA player Mike Bibby under investigation after sex abuse allegation by teacher, report says

Mike Bibby

The Arizona Republic broke the news Monday and later confirmed Phoenix police are investigating the claims against Bibby.

Mike Bibby, a former NBA player and current head basketball coach at Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix, Ariz., is under investigation after sexual abuse allegations surfaced by a teacher at the school.

The Arizona Republic broke the news Monday and later confirmed Phoenix police are investigating the claims against Bibby, via a statement from the Paradise Valley Unified School District. The district had been in the middle of an internal investigation into the allegations, the report says.

A restraining order obtained by the Republic detailed the claims and showed Phoenix Municipal Court granted the order Feb. 22. The school district had known about the teacher’s claim for over a week, according to its statement. It was first reported to the school’s resource officer Feb. 13, per the restraining order.

According to the report, the Shadow Mountain teacher claims that in February 2017, Bibby grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his car that was on school grounds. He allegedly rubbed his genitals against her and groped her.

Bibby declined to comment and pointed questions to his attorney, Donald Harris.

“I can say with pretty much certainty this alleged incident didn’t happen and that will be shown down the road,” Harris said. “Michael Bibby did not participate in a sexual assault of any way, shape or form that was alleged by this lady two years ago.”

Bibby, who spent 14 seasons in the NBA, led the Shadow Mountain varsity boys’ basketball team to its fourth consecutive state title.

In his six years at the helm of Shadow Mountain, the team has won five state championships.