MPBL: Davao Occi manager bares why they should be called Tigers

IT’S not surprising that teams would share the same moniker. In the United States, more than 40 teams use the moniker “Tigers”, and clubs have that fascination using the name attached to their respective teams.

Bhong Baribar, team manager of expansion squad Davao Occidental Tigers, shared to the rationale behind the use of such moniker.

“Napili namin ang Tigers because we do have it,” Barabar wrote to, pertaining to these species they have in the province. “Kaya nung time na gusto naming sumali, yun agad ang naisip namin.”

According to Baribar, he had no intentions of duplicating the moniker of another team. Mandaluyong, known as the Tiger City in the metropolis, was expected to use such nickname but instead gave the name another twist. The team will be known as the Mandaluyong El Tigre, according to MPBL head of operations and former PBA player Zaldy Realubit.

“We have two tigers here. Yung isa, hiniram pa ni Senator Manny (Pacquiao) for breeding,” added Baribar. “We also have a female cub.”

Baribar explained the rationale to the use of such moniker to give light to the fans asking why the name is being shared by two teams.