The Philippines as destination of choice for FIBA 3×3 world events

WHERE can you find a nation that uses basketball as a solution during times of depression?

In the midst of grieving at the loss of lives, properties and everything in between, Filipinos take some time off and use basketball as a temporary escape and a source of strength.

Typhoon Yolanda may have devastated the nation, but Pinoys displayed a resilient heart stronger than any typhoon and bounced back from a seemingly disastrous ordeal.

One of the things that helped Filipinos overcome this ordeal is basketball. The sport was used as a way to reinvigorate their seemingly lost spirit.

Out in the metropolis, there’s a group of young men playing at a makeshift basketball court where they were seen playing 3×3 at the railroad. Once they hear the sound of the train approaching, they would immediately remove the makeshift court and put it back as soon as the train made its way.

The brand of basketball Pinoys have is impeccably different; so is our way of playing the game.

Almost always, one can see basketball goals put up at an electric post or on a street corner, where spectators will pack the small space within the barangay area and watch basketball games be played — the unorthodox way.

But the action has to continue until a team emerges victorious.

It wouldn’t be impossible if inside a kid’s room among many households, parents would see their kids having improvised basketball goal put up right at the door — a crumpled sheet of paper or anything that is molded round like that of a ball would give them satisfaction shooting from the hoop they created.

Are there anyone as crazy as Flipinos when it comes to playing basketball?

So when FIBA announced that the Philippines would be given the hosting rights for the FIBA 3×3 World Cup, it didn’t come surprising at all. We were supposed to host the 2019 World Cup, but was beaten by China owing to its ready infrastructure.

But when it comes to unorthodoxy, passion and love to the game adored by millions, no one comes close to the Filipinos. It’s not everyday you see a Senator playing in Asia’s pioneering professional basketball league or seeing the Special Assistant to the President actively participating in a three-point shootout.

Clearly, the Filipinos are hands down choice.

It is the destination of choice for FIBA.

How many events have we hosted so far?

For the 3×3 discipline, the Philippines has hosted them: 2015 onwards, from the Manila Masters to World Tour and all the way to the biggest event ever, the World Cup.

From the malls where it has attracted passers by, shoppers or those staying there for comfort as a way to beat the summer heat, the FIBA 3×3 World Cup will be held at the 55,000-seater Philippine Arena.

It’s definitely a big challenge for the Philippines to fill the biggest arena up. But it’s an even more challenging task to get the championship. The country will be represented by Stanley Pringle, Roger Pogoy, Troy Rosario and Christian Standhardinger from the men’s side and Jack Animam, Afril Bernardino, Gemma Miranda and Janine Pontejos in the women’s division.

Let’s us show our love, support and passion for our Pinoy contingent in the biggest basketball event the Philippines will be hosting.

Images from FIBA