Baldwin, Cone show downside of Sotto’s potential inclusion to Gonzaga

AS tempting as the program of Gonzaga University is, there are also some downsides on the possible inclusion of seven-foot teen center Kai Sotto once he gets included in the Bulldogs program.

Champion coaches like Tim Cone of the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings and Tab Baldwin of the Ateneo Blue Eagles  shared their thoughts with FOX Sports Philippines.

“If he gets playing time at Gonzaga, then he will develop,” wrote Cone in a text message. “He won’t develop sitting on the bench.”

On Wednesday, FOX Sports Philippines came out with an article pertaining to a thread discussing the possibilities of Sotto, a 7-foot-1, 15-year-old center from Ateneo, to be included in the Gonzaga program that produced 13 NBA Draft picks since 2002, eight of them were big men.

Cone sees no doubt that Gonzaga is one of the bets programs in the United States.

“Gonzaga is one of the best basketball programs in the United States and they are known foir their player development. Still, they recruit the best of the best and it may be difficult  to get playing time because they are so good. So there are arguments both ways,” added Cone.

Baldwin, who has coached in the Olympics and the World Championships, is no fan of the US program. He also sees possible eligibility issues with Sotto.

“I think there are eligibility issues, but I’m not an expert on that. I think the US college system is very limiting because of the training restrictions imposed on the players by the NCAA rules. For a developing player, like Kai, I think it’s the worst possible move,” wrote Baldwin in a text message.

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