PBA personalities and their NBA counterparts

They say that ball is life here in the Philippines.

That couldn’t be any truer since our basketball-crazy country would often find ways to watch leagues such as the NBA and the PBA on a regular basis.

Chances are if you’re a true fan of basketball overall, you might see similarities between NBA personalities and our locals – from their style of play to their current roles and impact on the game, among other factors.

Today we’ll be comparing some from the NBA who resemble our local counterparts:

(Part 1)

Rajon Rondo

PBA comparison: Chris Ross

Both players have strong ball handling skills, high basketball IQ, and are exceptional floor generals. For a while, they seemed to be out of place in a perimeter-oriented style of today’s play but after bouncing around on several teams, they have found themselves a home as grizzled veterans for their current teams.

Kyrie Irving

PBA comparison: Terrence Romeo

Watching Terrence Romeo reminds me a lot about Kyrie Irving as they both possess a dazzling offensive arsenal hinged on their ball handling wizardry. Earlier in their professional careers, both have not made a deep run in the playoffs. But fast forward to today, Romeo and Irving now have championship aspirations with them getting to play with a great mix of stars and veterans. Both have served their time in the national team as well.

James Harden

PBA comparison: Stanley Pringle

Their shiftiness, ability to explode, and the iconic beard are resemblances that resonate among fans when looking at Stanley Pringle and James Harden. With Harden currently playing with a great guard in Chris Paul and Pringle having played with Terrence Romeo for the most part, both have experienced what it’s like to share the rock with an another elite talent at the guard spot.

Paul Millsap

PBA comparison: Mac Belo

Mac Belo and Paul Millsap have a lot in common in terms of their play style. Both are forwards who would act as a stretch-four and could make plays as well on the defensive end. Off the court, they are relatively quiet and are solely focused on playing the game the right way.

Andre Iguodala

PBA comparison: Gabe Norwood

Andre Iguodala and Gabe Norwood both burst into the league with their incredible athleticism. Their length and quick hands would be keys to them being established as elite defenders. With both in the latter part of their careers, they would be depended on by being the team’s secondary playmakers. Both of them were never a big threat in shooting threes, but their experience and professionalism helped carry their respective teams to multiple titles.

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