5 nastiest dunks ever in the PBA All-Star Weekend

These were the moments that brought you to a state of shock.

You must’ve jumped out of your seat and your heart beat faster in excitement. In a matter of seconds, you ended up asking if what you saw is real. You rubbed your eyes to see the replay to confirm that it did happen. You might have even uttered an expletive or two in awe.

These are usually the effects that nasty dunks have to spectators. It may take hours or even days before it rubs off, but the memory is always ready for playback whenever someone strikes a conversation. Since the PBA All-Star Weekend is a showcase of the league’s best, there have been a lot of rim rattlers that are worthy to be included. These are the dunks that still leave a scowl on our faces even though they’ve occurred years ago.

Kelly Williams under-the-legs dunk (2008 All-Star)

It definitely was his year while playing for the Sta. Lucia Realtors. Before bagging the MVP award, he left this highlight for the fans who packed the West Negros University Gym at Bacolod City. Williams started his attempt by sizing up the distance from just beyond the left side of the three-point arc. He then took one dribble and took two steps towards the hoop. In one motion, he switched the ball from his right to left hand under his leg before slamming the ball and pointing to his fellow PBA players for more swagger.

Alexander Coles dunks over five people (1995 All-Star)

Fans at the Cuneta Astrodome were in for a treat as the Ginebra import cleared the fence which featured his partner Noli Locsin (there were pairs in the dunk contest before) and four dancers. As he approached the hoop, he threw the ball with one hand to everyone’s delight. While Coles got a perfect score for this attempt, they were defeated by the Shell tandem of Elmer Lago and Benjie Paras.

David Noel’s acrobatics (2009 All-Star)

This dunk should have received more than a 50 based on style points. The 2006 NCAA Slam Dunk Champion dazzled everyone at the Smart Araneta Coliseum by performing two sports in one: gymnastics and basketball. Noel performed a floor exercise routine when he took a cartwheel before finishing off with a backflip. For act two, he gathered himself while running to the basket, caught a pass from Paul Artadi, and twisted mid-air as he slammed the ball.

KG Canaleta’s Erving-esque dunk (2010 All-Star)

As a five-time PBA dunk king, there’s a treasure trove of memories from the former UE Red Warrior alone. But this attempt at the 2010 All-Star in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan is the most memorable. His runway started beyond the trifecta and he took flight over one of B-Meg’s bench crew. What’s most impressive about this dunk is not only how high he jumped but his posture as he landed on the ring. Palming the ball in an outstretched arm, he lifted both of his legs and had a lengthy hang time, just like how Julius “The Doctor” Erving would go for a slam.

Chris Newsome’s mid-air adjustment (2016 All-Star)

(from Sports5’s Youtube channel)

It was the same dunk contest wherein Newsome performed a juggling act before throwing one ball and slamming it home. But this attempt is nastier because of the degree of difficulty. Starting from the base line, Scottie Thompson threw the ball off the side of the glass. Newsome then grabbed the ball while performing a 360-degree turn mid-air before converting the attempt. That dunk is reminiscent of the ones NBA players do in their own dunk contest. Sadly, he was edged by teammate Rey Guevarra for the crown.