Throwback Thursday: Bowles’ Monster Performance Tows B-Meg to a Title

2012 Commissioner’s Cup. Game 7. For all the marbles.

Two of the league’s powerhouse teams were going at each other leading up to this do-or-die collision course that would decide the champion.

Fast forward to the fourth quarter, after being down for the most part, the B-Meg Llamados came roaring back, capping off an epic comeback led by James Yap and Denzel Bowles to cut TNT’s lead to two points in the dying moments.

B-Meg had two chances to try and tie the game- first, a missed floater by James Yap followed by a missed gimme by Bowles after Yap had found him underneath. As time expired, Talk ‘N’ Text appeared to have clinched the title after the crucial defensive stop. But did they?

“There’s a foul! May foul!” color commentator Mico Halili exclaimed, barely hearing the referee’s whistle.

You could see faces filled with shock, especially on TNT’s side since everything was a ruckus in Araneta. Kelly Williams was called for a foul and with 1.2 seconds left on the clock, Best Import awardee Denzel Bowles stepped into the charity stripe and knocked down two crucial free throws to eventually force the game into overtime.

The two teams were clearly gassed in the extra period as they would walk the ball every chance they get, trying to get the best shot.

However, the momentum brought about by Bowles carried over during overtime, as he sank crucial baskets that would put away TNT for good, snatching the championship away from them. Through his Herculean efforts, Denzel Bowles would finish the game with 39 points.

As balloons and confetti were falling from the rafters, the trophy is being raised by the Llamados in front of 21,046 fans in the Big Dome clearly in pandemonium. James Yap would be dubbed as the Finals MVP of the series and Tim Cone would win his 14th title, his first after his illustrious Alaska stint.

“If you asked me what happened, I absolutely have no idea. But if you’re going to beat a team like Talk ‘N Text, you have to do amazing things,” said Tim Cone.

“I’m speechless, I’m so speechless. I’m just so proud of my team. I’m so glad I came to B-MEG planet and won my first championship, with this team,” said Denzel Bowles, still in awe of what just happened.