Zamboanga Valientes to conduct tryout in Melbourne, Australia

THE Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League, the fastest regional basketball  event in the Philippines, has been given an international flavor by one of its new expansion teams seeing action in the coming season.  

Zamboanga, one of the new teams in the MPBL,  is bringing its tryouts as far as Melbourne, Australia.

Yacob Ati, team owner of the expansion team from the south, confirmed this development to FOX Sports Philippines in an exclusive online interview.

“We’re conducting our tryouts this week,” wrote Ati. “We’re pooling our fellow Filipinos who are based here who wants to join the tryout. “

The tryout, according to Ati, will be held at the Court 4 in Rowville Secondary College at No. 9 Humphreys Road, Rowville Vic 3178. Melbourne, on Friday, May 11,  7 p.m. Conducting the tryout is Chris Concepcion, a member of the Valientes coaching staff, who is based in Australia.

Concepcion was a Mythical Five member of the NCRAA while playing for St. Francis of Assisi Doves.

Coaching the Zamboanga Valientes-MLV are Ednie Morones and Raha Mortel, a Filipino coaching in Thailand.