7 thoughts on Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game

The 2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game will be underway in just four more days on 10 September.

Taking place at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, the star-studded basketball match will see ex-NBA Boston Celtics team mates Ray Allen and Paul Pierce face off, together with other Chinese celebrities.

2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game

Blue Team
Ray Allen
Jiang Jinfu
Yuan Hong
Liu Shuailiang
Su Xing (Allen Su)
Zhang Ningjiang
Zhao Shuang
Zhao Jiwei
Zhang Fengyi
Jackson Wang

Red Team
Paul Pierce
Kris Wu
Guo Ailun
Zhang Zhehan
Wang Yangming (Sunny Wang)
Xu Nuo
Shao Ting
Qiao Shan
Dong Li

Here’s why we are looking forward to Sunday tip off:

1-on-1 matchup we’d most like to see: Ray Allen vs Paul Pierce
It doesn’t get any bigger than this. You can feel the heat from the fans rubbing their hands in delight as former Boston Celtics team mates Allen and Pierce square off on the court. They have proven that they can work together in their 2008 NBA championship win, but who will come out on top this Sunday?

1-on-1 matchup we’d most like to see continued: Kris Wu vs. Jiang Jinfu
Having squared off in this year NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, fans will love to get a second bite of the “Chinese derby” cherry between singer/actor Wu and actor Jiang. On that occasion, Wu was on the winning East Team scoring three points. While Jiang scored two points and four rebounds for the West Team.

Most likely to have a successful career outside of the game: Guo Ailun
This rising Chinese basketballer is going places. Though only 23 years old, Guo became the first Chinese player to be signed to the Air Jordan Brand. He is currently plying his trade with his hometown team Liaoning Flying Leopards.

Asian we wish were playing: Jay Chou
It is no big secret that Taiwanese rapper Chou is a huge basketball fan. He was spotted taking in a NBA game while on family vacation. Chou also starred as the lead in the basketball action comedy, Kung Fu Dunk and faced off with Kobe Bryant in a 2012 charity game.

Most likely to wear no 23: Jiang Jinfu
Despite his admiration for NBA legends Kobe Bryant and Allen Iversen, Jiang is still a LeBron James fan through and through. The 26-year-old actor should feel at home in the iconic jersey; considering that he was on his way to being a professional athlete before being befell by injuries.

Most unlikely small forward: Zhang Feng Yi
At 61 years of age, veteran actor Zhang seems like the last candidate for a basketball game. Let alone the small forward position. However, the 1.85m tough guy might surprise many with his dexterity, seeing how he trained as a dancer.

MVP: Guo Ailun
Voted second for the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) domestic MVP, Guo averaged 15.5 points, 5.9 assists, 3.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game in the 2015/16 CBA Season. If he brings that form, it will be hard for him not be declared MVP for the 2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game.

Be sure to catch our Facebook livestream of the 2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game on Sunday, 10 September at  7pm SGT!