2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game

The 2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game is an upcoming exhibition basketball game which involves the hottest Chinese celebrities and ex-NBA legends.

Organised by tech company Tencent, the celebrity match is scheduled to take place at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center on Sunday, 10 September.

Coached by ex-NBA Boston Celtics legends Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, the Chinese stars will be divided into two teams – red or blue. Embodying different ethos, the red team is all about passion and energy while the blue team is all about intelligence. So far, excited fans have taken to social media trying to predict their idol’s team placement.

There is a growing popularity in China for basketball and the NBA. Just last year, ex-Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant appeared on a Chinese basketball reality show.

It is also no surprise that the last two editions of the NBA All-Star game have featured Chinese celebrities. Two of the biggest names on the 2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game, singer/actor Kris Wu (Wu Yifan) and actor Jiang Jinfu were such a draw that it left the NBA commenters astounded. The two NBA fans also frequently upload their basketball exploits on social media.


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So, will the real (NBA) star please step up?

2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game

Blue Team
Ray Allen
Jiang Jinfu
Yuan Hong
Liu Shuailiang
Su Xing (Allen Su)
Zhang Ningjiang
Zhao Shuang
Zhao Jiwei
Zhang Fengyi
Jackson Wang

Red Team
Paul Pierce
Kris Wu
Guo Ailun
Zhang Zhehan
Wang Yangming (Sunny Wang)
Xu Nuo
Shao Ting
Qiao Shan
Dong Li

Be sure to catch our Facebook livestream of the 2017 Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game on Sunday, 10 September at 7pm SGT !