Klay Thompson in embarrassing dunk fail in China

This is why Klay Thompson shoots threes for the Golden State Warriors:

That’s Klay, possibly still woozy from the NBA championship celebration, trying to put on a show with some 360 dunk attempts at an event in China. (His sneaker company, Anta, is Chinese.)

Klay fails even worse the second time, going to the ground, then stumbles trying to get to his feet. It’s a clinic in clumsiness but he totally owns it, smiling the whole time then signing the ball and giving it to an ecstatic fan.

That didn’t stop teammate Zaza Pachulia from burning his buddy on Twitter.

If this was just Klay filming something silly for entertainment purposes, then bravo. But when Zaza starts taking shots at you, then you might wanna lace up your Antas a little tighter and get a bit higher next time.