Carmelo Anthony says ‘there was an opportunity’ for Clippers trade

Phil Jackson and the New York media seem to want Carmelo Anthony to move on from the Knicks, but the no-trade clause in his contract means that he’ll leave only on his terms, for a situation that fits just right.

There has been speculation that the Clippers might be an amicable destination for Anthony, considering he’d get to play alongside Chris Paul (who’s a close personal friend), in Los Angeles (where Melo has lived in the offseason for the past seven years).

When asked if he’s seriously considered the idea at Monday’s shootaround, Anthony said he hasn’t — before revealing that he had the chance to join the Clippers at the trade deadline this season.

“No, no. I haven’t thought about it,” Anthony told reporters, via ESPN. “I mean, there was an opportunity during the deadline, and there was always talk over the past couple seasons with me somehow being connected to the Clippers or Lakers.

“At first it was the Lakers, and then now it’s the Clippers situation. So I try not to think about that, especially now when I’m still playing with the New York Knicks. I’ve got to go out there and prepare to play against these guys and other teams.”

Anthony forced his way to the Knicks via trade from Denver in 2011, specifically because he wanted to live in New York City. He’s got one year left on his contract before he can become an unrestricted free agent, at which time places like L.A. will undoubtedly be more strongly considered.