NBA Wrap: Magic by Wizards downs Warriors

The Washington Wizards defeated the Golden State Warriors 112-108 at the death when Markieff Morris nailed a pair of free throws with 3.7 seconds remaining including 22 points in Tuesday night’s NBA action.  

The bad news for the Warriors was that they were without Kevin Durant for most of the game due to a knee injury after just 93 seconds, and after bouncing back from 19 points behind including 25 points by Stephen Curry, they could not stop Washington from winning.

Mike Conroy scored 29 points as the Memphis Grizzlies overcame the Phoenix Suns 130-112 while a red-hot Marcus Morris grabbed a career-high 37 points for the Detroit Pistons, coming from 13 points behind, to down the Portland Trail Blazers 120-113 in overtime.

The Charlotte Hornets were 109-104 winners against the Los Angeles Lakers as Kemba Walker nailed the go-ahead three-pointer, with 1:55 remaining along with his total of 30 points in the victory.

A 30th triple-double of the season with 43 points by Russell Westbrook helped the Oklahoma City Thunder get past the Utah Jazz 109-106 while, in Chicago, Nikola Jokic scored 19 points for his third triple-double of the season as the Denver Nuggets cruised to a 125-107 victory over the Chicago Bulls.