Draymond Green explains why he was trash talking with Paul Pierce

Draymond Green almost never backs away from a healthy dose of trash talk, and one of his most recent episodes with Clippers forward Paul Pierce was caught by microphones, letting everyone in on the verbal sparring.

The back-and-forth occurred last week during the Warriors’ 123-113 win when early in the first quarter Green was caught accusing Pierce of “Chasing that farewell tour. They don’t love you like that – you thought you was Kobe”

Green revealed what caused him to go on the offensive during his Dray Day podcast with San Jose Mercury News columnist Marcus Thompson II.

Green said the incident began when Pierce shouted from the bench that he couldn’t guard Clippers star Blake Griffin.

“That got me so excited it probably led to me jumping on that pump fake and getting that foul,” Green said.

Green said he disputed Pierce’s claim during a free throw, prompting Pierce to say that Green wouldn’t be an All-Star if he didn’t play with such talented teammates, a knock that pushed Green even further.

“It’s nothing personal,” Green said. “I don’t hate Paul Pierce. But if you gone talk junk, I don’t hold anything back when I’m talking junk. If I’ma talk, I’ma talk. And I’ma take it where it needs to go.”

So Green fired back with the Kobe jab, which went viral. But the Warriors’ All-Star wasn’t done taking shots at the former Celtics great.

During the podcast, Green was quick to remind everyone that Pierce hadn’t won a title before the Celtics acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

“People tend to forget he was struggling to get to the playoffs – then all of a sudden Ray Allen and KG showed up. Let’s not forget that,” Green said.

“Just because you were scoring points don’t mean you were carrying the team. If you couldn’t get anywhere and you couldn’t do nothing, where were you carrying them to? – Pierce had had an amazing career. He was a beast. But how far was he carrying those teams? If you weren’t carrying them that far, I guess we’re in the same boat.”