‘Undisputed’: Was KD or LeBron’s free agency betrayal worse

“I don’t want alternative facts!”

Suffice it to say this conversation between Chris Broussard and Nick Wright on Thursday’s episode of Undisputed got a little heated — and made for spectacular television.

Watch the video below as Broussard and Wright passionately discuss whether Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Warriors or LeBron James’ departure from Cleveland to Miami deserved more hate from the hometown fans.

Wright points out that no NBA superstar has ever done what KD did — joining an already elite team that just eliminated his squad from the postseason — while Broussard counters LeBron did almost the exact same thing by creating a Heat superteam.

And all the while, Cris Carter tries to keep the peace and acknowledge the reasonable points from both analysts. Seriously, turn on your speakers, pop some popcorn, and enjoy: